The sages say that a good massage is as important to the mind as it is to the body -- keeping the blood flowing to the brain, washing the body's toxins away, restoring a sense of goodness and relaxation to the self.

I found this to be true the day I found Robin. Her practice in New York was busy seven days a week, but she found time to go on house calls. The beauty in a house call is that you avoid getting into your car and fighting traffic, therefore retaining that contemplative peace and warmth that always follows her massages. 

I have yet to find any one who comes close to her restorative powers and keep hoping that one day she will return to the northeast!

S.D. -- Westchester County, NY. 

"One of the most relaxing experiences I have ever had.  Robin is one of the most professional people I've known in the business.  She also takes the time to listen, console, and help heal where healing is needed, and with this personal touch, the experience is truly a "Renaissance".

Jeff Michael

I ’ve had many therapeutic massages all around the country and world, but none compare or even come close to Robin’s. She knows just how to make the world go away and put me into the most relaxed state. It’s as though she can read my body and know where it needs attention.   I can see why she w as voted “Favorite Massage Therapist”.   L.S. New Jersey/Florida

Dear Robin, I am so happy I found you! I have been fortunate to be able to get massages for years all over the world and I must say that your massage is one of the best I have ever experienced! You are a true professional and I look forward to working with you on a regular basis! Thanks again for spoiling me! Kim Tritschler RE/Max Effort RealtyOwner/Broker   It is true that everyone is gifted.  The miracle is finding individuals that work with their gift.  Robin Renée is just such a miracle worker.  Her beautiful soul radiates through her magical touch of healing.  Her experience and her heart are a combination that make her massages special and effective.  I am spoiled. 
O.B. NY/FL  

I found that Robin is an excellent massage therapist.  She knows  the correct way to approach an individual's need.  She massages with authority but also with gentleness.  It shows her excellent training and natural ability to respond to whatever chord of discomfort a person feels. She helps me to reverse  discomfort from hours at the computer with work or general tension from busy days at the office.  She makes me feel great!!
PBS - Administrative Assistant

"Robin has saved myself and my children from many a pulled muscle, pinched nerve, etc. Her skills and pleasant demeanor keep us going back!!"  I have no question recommending her to friends and clients of mine.  Her education and experience in her field gives her the edge to be the best. There is no body in this area that can compare to Robin. 
M.M. Venice Fl.

I have been a client of Robin since 2000, she is not only a fantastic massage therapist  she is also and extremely caring person.
Both my husband and I deal with physical issues due to very high stress lives. Robin has the ability to tailor each of  our massages to cater to our different needs.  Where my husband needs more attention to his neck and back, I need more attention to my hips and legs due to a chronic injury. We have yet to find anyone who can hold a candle to Robin's expertise in the massage field.  Her hands are blessed by God himself.
Since Robin has moved to Florida we can no longer s ee her weekly.  Thankfully we have a home in Nokomis so we still have the ability to see her monthly. Our lives would never go as smooth without her in our lives.
Robin is a very special woman, with a kind and generous heart, a wonderful sense of humor and takes great pride in her work. I am blessed to have her as my massage therapist and even more honored to have her as my friend.

D.V. Greenwich C.T./Nokomis F.L. 

I have been a faithful and loyal client of Robin's for 15 years. There is no one but no one like Robin, she is the utmost professional,and her massages are truly the work of a healer. As an attorney I am under constant stress. As everyone knows my profession can create havoc on your body, mind and soul. Hours in my car daily, and my phone constantly on my ear makes me the perfect candidate for Robin's healing hands . Her expert skills constantly alleviate all of the stress that I absorb, and for the two hours that I am on her massage table, I feel like I am basking in the sun in the Caribbean, living the life of a princess!  She is truly one of the most dynamic and soulful individuals with an amazing gift for healing.10 out of 10 stars!
Marilyn C, Nokomis FL- Greenwich, CT

I am a very healthy person overall.  However, I had a nagging tightness in my hamstring that threatening to live there forever.  After many months of dealing with this I met Robin.  She expertly intuited various situations in my body and mind.  Not only was her healing massage heavenly, the heat and energy that filled my leg was exquisite.  Since then the muscles are improving steadily as opposed to just being tight in limbo indefinitely.  I highly recommend Robin.  With her loving touch and extensive skills, she can assist in improving any situation!

Thank You ROBIN!

Michelle ~ Universal Wellness

We all know the value of massage therapy.
I've had the privilege of having massages through-out
my adult life.
Robin is the most knowledgeable massage therapist I have
had the privilege of having perform her "magic" on me for
these past 3 years.
Robin interviews prior to each massage to individualize
your needs for that particular day.
I have had massages for: relaxation, tight muscles, a
particular soreness/tenderness as well as the salt body rub.
All experiences left me perfectly satisfied with
Robins professionalism and caring manner.
Venice is so fortunate to have Robin living and working
in our area.
Thank you Robin for helping me restore my health
and for always being so positive.
Leona Lingley, REALTOR & Retired RN